Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The List

So it's late, but I've been spending so much time with family
and doing the list theme thing
I haven't had much time for writing here on the blog.
I saw an article on the Huffington Post about forgetting resolutions
and creating a theme for the year
I reread my last few posts and I think my theme is pretty clear

It wasn't something I planned
but I just feel like there is so much I want to do
that I've always wanted to do
and my hands are cuffed by illness because I'm unable to work
but they are also freed by illness because I'm unable to work
so I plan on making good use of my time at home
I hope to not always be here full time

You won't hear mention of broad resolutions
from me
just that this year I want to spend a lot of time learning
I don't want to lose x amount of weight
quit a bad habit
change how I eat
change how I think
be different
I don't think the time on a clock holds the power to motivate that sort of change
it comes when it comes
one day, you just decide
and you do
or you don't

So this year I have a list of things I'd like to learn
1) To run a marathon. The learning is in the training.
2) To sew.  I've always admired the ability to sew.
3) To knit. 
4) To bake new things and continuously perfect the things I bake
5) To study novel writing and apply what I learn to the idea that's been brewing in my mind
6) To read as many books as possible, now that I have the ability to read again.  Also, to learn as much as possible from those books.
7) To make my own soaps, scrubs, and that sort of thing
8) To make essential oil from herbs
9) To freeze and can as many veggies from the garden as possible
10) To make jelly and jam

I am sure there are more.  I'm always finding new things and adding them to my list.

So far 2014 is off to a great start.  I have
1) Read 2 books and if it weren't so cold I'd be picking up my 3rd
2) Learned some basic knitting and continue to practice
3) Learned to bake a birthday cake 100% from scratch, even the frosting.  It was the ugliest cake I've ever made but it was tasty.
4) Plotted several chapters of my novel, flushed out the general idea and developed several characters
5)Bet my youngest son that I would finish it.  If you know me and bets, I love them, especially when it's not a random one.  If it's something I have the power to make happen, I do.

Not a bad start!


Bristol Wilhelm said...

I hope 2014 is a very productive and positive year for you and your blog!

Aimee said...

Thanks so much. And thanks for stopping by!