Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Paradoxical G On His 11th

Dear G
you are sunshine lighting up the sky
pure joy
You are also the storm on the horizon
the dark, dark clouds, the thunder and lightening rolling in
ferocity personified

You are the unrelenting tough guy, without mercy
you are also the sweetest, most lovable boy in the world.  The little boy willing to forgo a 6th birthday party in order to save the saddest dog.  And the same boy who, to this day, will not sleep without his Buddy!
You are independent and confident.  You love sports and you love being athletic.  But you also love that you are smart and musical.  You are everything at once.  You are growing into an amazing person.  You fight for the underdog, you are loyal, and you are full of love.  But to me, you will always be my sweet, sweet baby.

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Amanda Schrieber said...

our boys sound very much alike...a beautiful concoction of sun and storm. beautiful words to celebrate your amazing little guy!