Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Real Girls

I mentioned yesterday
that I found a writing opportunity
another one sort of popped up
but it's not really writing
it's reposting conversations
I sent one
I am sure if you've read my blogs
and you scroll through
you'll find mine

But in doing so
you'll get addicted
because the real girls that say things here
are smart
and witty
but they are also, clearly, girls
with love songs
and imaginary weddings
and tears induced by PMS
that cause Chalupas to fall from sobbing mouths
I know the blog owner
and she is looking for submissions
so if you have a silly text or email conversation
for now,
until she gets it up and running
you can send it to me and I can get it to her
as soon as she gets everything set up
I am sure you'll have a place to send it without me as the middle man
at least according to the post about Nair burning off the bits

To the spaceship Valtrex!

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