Friday, January 11, 2013

The Watcher

It's the Watcher again and I'm here house sitting for the Lady.  Blog sitting.  She wants one post a day and she gave me free reign.  Those of you that know me in real life might be palm slapping your foreheads right now.  Yes, shenanigans will ensue until she is back. 
Where is she?   What is she doing? Oh you'd love to know wouldn't you?  When she said you filthy, nasty beasts were stalking her I had no idea.  You are REALLY stalking.  I gave her some advice, a response, which she will not do.  I would. In a heartbeat.  The Lady, gave a flick of her perfectly manicured nails, as if she were shooing a cat.  Let them read, she smiled.  Look at my stats. 
I tried to look but that ice skating rink she calls a diamond blinded me. Chris, nice job man.  Once the holes in my retina grew back, I saw.  For the love of everything holy, you guys are obsessed with the Lady. It's not natural.  I worried about the Lady's safety.  She laughed and said you are like paparazzi.  Then she showed me all the products she'd been sent.  This company, sent her every single product they make.  She has bottles and bottles of the stuff.  The emails keep coming in for her to advertise for companies on her blog.  I'm so impressed, I restarted my blog.  Feel free to stalk me too ladies.  Would it encourage you if I wrote something nasty aimed at you? 
Because Beehoni

 I have a lot to say about that name you picked for your little girl. Everyone does. Your friends behind your back, they do too. I've heard your Brother say things. The Lady said your Mom did too. If they don't say it to your face it's because they are trying to be nice.

Fred Flintstone this song is for you and what you did to the Lady

How's that pretty little thing your dating?

Mrs. embrace it!

Your son got on stage at the gay bar with a drag queen. He wore black pleather pants. Just thought you wanted to know since you like to toss around the term Fag. I'm pretty sure that "girl" he's dating, is taping it back if you know what I mean.

The DJ had his little romantic moment with the drag queen on video. I knew I'd need it so here he is in all his pleathered glory!

Stalk away Bell and Howell

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