Sunday, January 13, 2013

Juicy Food

Last summer
we planted a garden
and I was astounded at the difference in the way the food tasted
fresh from the garden
It was like the first time I had a glass of really good wine
the flavors
the meals were just so much better
ingredients and their quality do make all the difference in the world

I would describe it as
the difference between being numb emotionally
feeding off of cheap thrills
or salt and fat
and really experiencing joy, sorrow, and all of the emotions
even sorrow in the right circumstance is really good
even fresh bell peppers (not my favorite) in the right dish
are really good

I stopped wasting money on food loaded with crap
and started only wanting
the best things
removing all the chemicals that make food stay good on the shelf
really highlights, well, the food
you don't need nearly the amount of salt, fat, or sugar to make it taste good
it just does

I know most of you probably already know this fact
and I am late to the party
but, I'm here now
a convert
and my God, I am all in
This is a big deal for me
given my, somewhat troublesome history with food
I can eat to nourish and truly enjoy every sensation
that is a good thing
I had a lot of fresh wholesome food as a child
but what child wants that?
McDonalds chicken nuggets were my culinary delight
So now, with adult taste buds
and the ability to not have a mental fist fight with all the food I eat
I am really learning to enjoy eating

I am also, though I don't want to,
forced to focus on my health
and EVERY pesky auto-immune disease
responds to the food we eat
so this new love could not have come at a better time

Chris has a small business
it involves B2B sales
so I am always looking and noting articles in the paper
about new business coming
Last week, I read about Juicy Kitchen
a new restaurant opening in the area
I poured over the pictures and cannot wait to try it
She's not paying me
the photos just have me drooling
this food
is my kind of food
and...fingers crossed
I cannot wait to try

Next week I have to get another shot in my eye
I am going to reward myself with
a trip to her place.
also, Chris is building us an indoor set up
so we can grow fresh food
year round
the summer months
yes, it's nice
but to be able to enjoy my food year round?
even better

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